Rules for dogs at the Florence Bathing Establishment

In order to bring animals to our establishment, it is compulsory fill out a form declaring the following:

1 – that the animal has been duly registered with the authorities;

2 – that the animal has been vaccinated against the main infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus and rabies), prevention against main infected diseases (parasites), heptavalent vaccination not more than twelve months before your stay, the animal is not in the estrous period (“on heat”) and has no aggressive syndrome;

3- to always keep your dog on a leash (maximum length 1.50 metres) with a muzzle (hard or soft) available to be used in the event of risk to the safety of people or animals at the request of the relevant authorities;

4 – that it is prohibited for dogs to leave waste in the whole area of ​​the bathing establishment (beach, gardens, walkways, etc.). The dog’s minder is therefore required to carry the dog out of the bathing establishment at regular intervals to avoid such situations (it is in any case necessary to have special waste containers available if such an event were to occur). Where necessary, the staff is required to remove anyone not following the rules from the bathing establishment.

5 – to keep the dog away from the sun to prevent disturbing other under their beach umbrellas (making holes or barking) or occupying deckchairs and/or sunbeds; 

6 – to have to bowl with water available since it is forbidden to water animals directly at the bathing establishment’s fountains or showers;

7 – to be aware that dogs may only access the sea until 8.30 a.m. and after 7.30 p.m.;

8 – to be aware of Ordinance no. 451 of the Municipality of Carrara dated 27.06.11;

9 – to be liable under civil and criminal law for any damages caused by the animal;

10 – to authorise the management of the Florence bathing establishment to show this declaration to official supervisory authorities, at their request.

11 – to be aware that the management of the Florence bathing establishment reserves the right to exclude the animal from the beach establishment at any time.


Compulsory attachments:

A copy of an identity document;

A copy of the animal’s medical records;

A copy of the "passport" for animals coming from abroad (the requirements of EEC Regulation 99872003)